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Stop Acting As If You Were Born Only Yesterday!!

Praggatti Rao January 22, 2016

Of late I happened to see lots of videos on different WhatsApp groups about people complaining of getting a wrong product (adulterated, bacteria infested, coagulated product, and many more reasons). Recently while I presented my case on the food safety and nutrition, I also happened to hear a young boy all of 8 years narrating how his Nani bought a Tetra Pak juice only to find it with some fungal growth. Since that day he and his family is convinced that bottles are a better option than six layered cartons.

Isn’t it an irony that plastic won over a packaging material that has biodegradable and recyclable elements?

 Does it not sound absurd that something that is good for earth and good for us and the products that we consume has lost out to a material that is ecologically toxic?

 Is it a gimmick that a company invests in a machinery, materials and systems that guarantee nutrition, food safety and preservative free consumable goods?

Who is to be blamed for the bad product that we get and that makes us feel cheated? Common sense says that we have to stop acting naive and as if we were born only yesterday. With information at the click of our fingers (online platforms like NQ course for Moms  at www.nutrition-quotient.com, blogs &content on food safety and nutrition and more) why don’t we explore how we can have a product that is just right?

Lets clearly understand that if we get a product that’s not right it’s because we are doing somethings that are not right. The check list goes as given:

  1. When we buy a product are we focussing on  comparing prices only or we are also exploring the nutrition content of the two products?
  2. Is the packaging holding your attention or you do take out time to check the labels and facts printed on the cartons?
  3. Are we paying attention to the expiry or best before date given there and is it deciding our buying of that product ?
  4. Are we concerned about the packaging being tempered or we buy the excuse from the stockists that its the transportation effect? Let’s be informed that a package that is damaged or tempered in any which way is bound to allow bacterial infections , light and other product deteriorating factors to act foul.
  5. Are we finding out if the packaging is not bloated when we are buying the milks and juices specially?

It’s another important point to understand that the bloated packaging is an indication of something gone wrong…think twice before buying else the onus of getting a wronged product is only and surely on you.

I am sure this concise list of to dos will serve you well in buying a product that is good for you , your family and the earth. It  will also save a lot of explaining and clearing their stands (every time a video on faulty product goes viral) for the companies that have  invested a fortune in amazing technologies to serve with the right deal.

The only promise that you’ve got to make to yourself is that “I ll stop playing the Victim and take charge of what I get from this very moment”!!!


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