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5 Ways to Instantly Concentrate And Avoid Distractions During Study:

Praggatti Rao February 11, 2016

In times today when concentration is a casuality , distractions rule the day and a busy mind craves for a magic wand to undo the repercussions of a wandering mind and spirits , let’s go back to a simple yet smart move to help concentration regain its lost glory. If there are challenges nowadays , there are equal or rather more number of solutions that abound.Here is a simple , smart and close a to magical recourse to effective study and productivity

1) Food intervals:  Many of us often ignore the very basic requirements of our wonderfully effective machinery-our body. The very basic of them being Hunger Pangs. Try to eat 20-30 minutes before or after your study hours as it not only avoids embarrassing and distracting muscle rotation and hunger but also drowsiness and breathlessness after food intake.

 2) Water intake:  How often do we observe the water bottle beside us is empty by the end of the day? Well, rarely it is. But we must remember that water not only keeps you hydrated but also keeps tummy filled, in turn avoiding hunger pangs .

3) The Study Zone :  How a cocoon serves as the zone for a tiny pupa to nurture self and emerge as a beautiful and valiant creature is absolutely how one can take inspiration and make their own Study Zone. It is helpful to avoid distractions and accumulate all your concentration to focus on study, even if it is for a short while!

4) Ensure a gadget free duration when in your study zone: Though our gadgets prove to be a major asset to our daily hectic schedule, but we simply can’t ignore the ill-effects of it either. Gadgets prove to be a major distraction during study hours. It is pure human urge to check our phones every once in a while, inturn refraining us from wholly focussing on study. Conclusively howsovery short or long your study hours may last, let it be a no gadget zone for maximum productivity.

5) Stick to schedule or Align certain tasks for the day: Making a schedule and abiding by it is a must. One can even do the meagre job of aligning ‘the tasks of the day’ but what really matters is following it and accomplishing them all or at least 80-90% of the aimed.

These matter of fact strategies coupled with meditation and doable Brain gym exercises can certainly be a breather (talking out of 12 years of experience on using Brain Gym in my trainings) can be of immense gains…Go for it!!!


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