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Canvas Tabby…A battle that was…

Praggatti Rao September 10, 2015


Coming from a traditional background where getting up early, reading books, rationed T.V time were the norm and deeply ingrained in the conditioning, being not so kind to technology and its frills came naturally to me. But being a blogger and an open minded aware mother of two, I have experienced so many positive offshoots of the technology in my personal and professional life. Today I do accept the fact that ‘LIKE IT OR NOT THE TECHNOLOGY IS HERE TO STAY AND TOUCH ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIVES meaningfully provided we use it in balance.

This time when I was invited to attend the Micro max Blogger’s meet &  product launch event at the Grand , Delhi. It was an absolute pleasure to explore the all new  Canvas Tabby – the family tab with a dual mode- A regular android mode for parents and a special kids mode too. The product was, indeed, designed keeping things in perspective and being very kids friendly as the same time. The TOUCH &  LEARN  feature addressed the needs of kids to explore the device in their own way, enhance their METACOGNITION (skill of learning to learn ) and obtain information literacy.

As the product specs of the tabby were rolled out I realised that canvas tabby was truly a tool to an end…an end that wasn’t only entertainment oriented but educational too. With 100+ preloaded apps, 500+ videos, age appropriate content designed by experts, engaging interfaces and unique features like separate profiles (of course password protected!!! ) for each child in the family and more, one can’t ask for more in the price tagged to it.

What  struck a chord in me were actually a few  things like how effortlessly the canvas tabby could double up as learning and pure play platform for kids and as an absolute work tool for parents; How beautifully the product design team stepped into a parents shoes before finalising all aspects of the product  and last but the most interesting aspect was that the parental controls were aligned such that they can set passwords, time limits to the kid’s tech – time, add / block & promote content and and that they can view reports on what their kids have been upto. As per their promote content feature, we as parents can ensure 10 mins of English learning or maths practise before the kids begin with their games.

Today when are so proactively making our kids future ready, we certainly should look into such well thought and designed technological aids to help them gain an edge. Our kids have the ICT literacy already built in their DNA and companies like Micro max are researching enough to facilitate and develop these  skills further. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to comment that ignoring the Micromax CANVAS TABBY would be like compromising on kid’s skills for success…the skills for  2025!!!


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