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Hope Is A Wonderful Breakfast But A Bad Supper

Praggatti Rao January 15, 2016

It has been rightly said that one should read between the lines to gain insights into a particular scenario. Taking that as true let’s look at the present trends that are trending all around us and we are all guilty of taking them in our stride because of the BUSY-ness called Life.

We have amazing corporate–modelled and run schools today that promise the world to us and to our kids, on the other hand there are coaching & enrichment classes/tuitions (a necessary evil !!!!) which are growing at an equally alarming rate;

We have schools boasting of developing Life skills/enhancing and respecting Multiple Intelligence skills of each child, on the other hand the people delivering them choose to be biased; with attitudes and behaviours that are rigid and too old school…where marks define the child. IQ is still preferred over Emotional Quotient and they give a damn to the fact that times have changed and various innovative opportunities are today lining the horizon;

We all have this secret desire that our kids should be good readers, on the other hand the number of gadgets in an average household is exceeding the total number of family members; (with kindle being the new gadget advertised so well , resisting the technology is only worsening the scenario);

We have Facebook or WhatsApp group updates eating into our time and energies, on the other hand people who matter are made to wait another day;

We have multiple apps and service providers from food, to grocery to medicines growing at a burgeoning rate , on the other hand the product/services (from network availabilities to personal deliveries) still need to buck up to match compared to the costs involved;

We have more people to employ as house helps/assistants (thanks to mushrooming of oodles of agencies , charging a bomb!!!) on the other hand the people placed have their values and attitudes severely distorted;

We talk of women growing stronger, achieving more, breaking the ceilings in various domains, on the other hand the episodes of abuse (physical, mental & emotional) and violence have touched an all time high records;

I can cite volumes on the facts that surround us and disturb us…even at the cost of sounding a problem thinker , but through my columns I definitely want to draw everyone’s attention to how we are getting immune to the fact that despite spending so much money, efforts and energies on things today, we are not getting our rightful dues.

Despite spending a bomb on the school fees we HAVE to shell out extra for tuition classes, handwriting / Olympiads/ handwriting / English speaking etc etc…

Despite having life skills development programs in school curriculum now, we HAVE teachers who calls the shot at the PTMs and give feedback that are quite demoralising for the parents and the students too….

Despite HAVING to pay extra for the various services that we avail on the routine basis, We remain poorly / underserved majorly as the service providers HAVE a staff that have no idea of basic courtesies,…

Despite HAVING round the clock connectivity ON FACEBOOK AND WHATSAPP, we still have bridges to built in our personal relationships…

Despite the media full of women achievers, we still HAVE some crude and cruel ground realities revealing a darker side to their existence…

Despite HAVING a desire to transform our kids to avid readers, We still HAVE enough temptations  to afford multiple gadgets (A temptation too hard to resist!!)…Though they have provenly been the guilty behind our children’s dwindling attention spans….

I wish to urge you all that these might be my personal perceptions but they are not there without a reason for sure. We all need to introspect and reflect on this because “HOPE IS A WONDERFUL BREAKFAST BUT A BAD SUPPER”. Also allow me to remind all those die hard hope enthusiasts that the illusion of hope is apt enough to close one’s eye to the painful truths that abound.

I personally of the opinion that One should…Be able to see things as hopeless (The reality today) and yet be determined to make them otherwise.


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