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Resolutions That Stay!!!

Praggatti Rao April 10, 2017

April is infamous for being the month where many (or rather most) resolutions die a silent death and leaves behind a myth that its not easy!!!

Some facts however, if reflected upon closely can be path – breaking.

Come January, We all wish and desire to change a few or more things about the way we look, emotions we feel, how we relate with self or others, our behaviours in particular to our Lives in general. How we fancy the idea of ringing on changes but are we all ears to some calculated long term trade-offs needed to back our real – time decisions to change.

Let me break it down to small chunks to help you see deeper into what all that one needs to make sure that the RESOLUTIONS made at the beginning of the new year go on to bear results .

  1. MAKE A REAL DECISION: REAL DECISIONS: requires taking stock of your present state or position, the desired self / state, chalking out creative, practical, personal roadmap with small but consistently firm baby steps to usher in change each day.
  2. WILLINGNESS TO TAKE ACTION: It is important that it comes from within and should not have someone else as the reference or the stimulus. Half the battle is won when you want it whole-heartedly and not merely to fit in.
  3. LEARN TO CHANNELISE: your desire for instant gratification in more than one ways and preferably other than the normally / habitually preferred ways. For example: change in mood is preferably initiated by a lavish eat out options or indulging in calorie rich foods. How about gradually shifting to listening to your favourite music or reading your chosen book or catching up with a friend but certainly not indulging in mindless indulgences. It’s just a matter of frequency of replacements that the new choices will sound normal .
  4. KEEP THE PATIENCE TO EXPERIENCE ‘LAG-TIME’: simply put it’s the same as the fact that ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY! All masterpieces(in this case your desired goals or resolutions) from our very own TAJ MAHAL to a demonetised/ corruption free/swachh BHARAT involve a long term pain management and patience.
  5. FLEXIBILITY IS THE KEY: Feel OK to manage, change or alter the road map to the new changes. Flexibility to make changes makes it saner and any aberrations in the name of failing has to be carefully monitored and perceived.

Remember to feed your mind that each time you mange to meet a challenge , you are able to take your life , confidence levels , self esteem and  ‘CAN-DO-SPIRIT’ to the next level. worth it? NO?



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