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PDA: Times When Love Goes Wrong!

Praggatti Rao August 18, 2015

As we move on with life with its various mesmerising manifestations like love, fear, hope, despair, phobia, attraction and more, we are delighted by some of them and disgusted with many others. Well, without beating around the bush any further let me clarify what I am hinting at. Abbreviated as PDA, ‘Public display of affection’ has undertones that might induce a feeling of discomfort and embarrassment to the onlookers, especially when the couple engrossed in the same acts irresponsible and oblivious of the surroundings.

In a country like India, where all things to do with sex are discussed in a hush-hush tone and kept under the wraps, PDA comes across as a cultural shock without doubt.

Well let me start from the very beginning , it is about last Saturday, 15 august…when we decided to have our breakfast at McDonald’s. It is supposed to be a kids friendly place with a perfect setting for a family’s day out. It being the Independence day, we decided to take some liberties and have great fun. As we entered the place, aromas of fresh and mouth watering stuff engulfed us. The place was smug and clean and the staff wore a servile smile to serve some real good English breakfast. Post some ordering as we settled down to have the treat my eyes fell on a young girl still in her pyjamas, sipping some coffee and pouring over a national daily kept there .

A host of thoughts crossed my mind like the Independence today’s youth have, the calmness she would be experiencing in the midst of a bustling public place (given that such moments elude me post marriage and two kids ) and so many more. It was encouraging to see how women today have really found themselves and are so comfortable in their skin that they are no more looking for validations from the society for all the things they want to have…including the quintessential ME time!

But all  these empowering thoughts about independence, women empowerment, global thinking & their taking charge were shattered soon. There arrived this young man in his exercise gear and the two shared an intense smooch. Not that I have anything against being in love neither do I belong to any anti –love moral  brigade but I do believe that Love in full public glare should know its limits. Culturally, we talk and walk so much of Indian values with our kids that such acts of random intimacy can unsettle us anytime.

Accompanied by a son who is yet to turn 8 Yrs and a daughter who’s embarking on the verge of early adulthood, this PDA – from intense smooch to hugging and caressing oblivious of the world around was too much to handle. We felt as if we have entered into somebody’s bedroom. It was  shocking, embarrassing and disgusting.

Freedom or Independence is one liberating thing but misusing it and forgetting one’s limits is at an another tangent altogether. While all love birds have every right to be together in their own way, acceptable  of course (goes without saying!), we refuse to give them liberties to infringe on our rights. I wish to rest my case with an open appeal to all those engaging in PDA at the drop of the hat, It would go something like this- “Love is an amazing feeling but draw the line, exercise restrain and ensure that you do not breach the freedom of others in the vicinity. It is not a favour you do to them but it’s a moral obligation and all the more a responsibility towards all those young people around you because they look up to you as their future role models. Inspire them to think globally but act locally. And better still  leave a few things to imagination only.”


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