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5 Ways To Create More Time In Life!!!

Praggatti Rao May 6, 2017

Today life has become so fast paced that we all often take refuge in memories of good olden days when things moved easy, competition was less and social setups kept one going. But don’t they say…”What cannot be cured must be endured”. keeping this fact in mind, let’s look at the 5 ways that can help us create more time in life each one of them does emphasize the basics to be sorted but unless we are ready to step out of our comfort zones, I feel that creating more time will only be a distant dream to realize

  1. PLANNING AND PRIORITISING TASKS A NIGHT BEFORE AND PENNING IT DOWN: It is often said that  best results are generated at the end of the day if the best ideas are jotted an evening before or at the beginning of the day! It’s just a matter of creating a focused approach by writing it in a diary and retaining it as a ready reckoner to small and big goals, remembering small stuff and be on the top of it all. Planning a night before (preferably) or max by early morning and keeping it at a place where referring it a couple of times is possible can be bulls-eye.
  2. EARLY TO BED AND EARLY TO RISE: This one may be too cliché and old school but believe me it has to be followed to see the magic. If one tweaks a little of early to bed / early to rise routine, creating time would be no big deal. On a more personal level, I feel a 45 minutes-1 hour sleep in the afternoon, can be refreshing and great to extend the waking hours and hence more time.
  1. STICK TO SCHEDULES AND BE ORGANISED: There are times you are labelled as perfectionists if you stick to your focus on what you have set out to achieve. But if you do not , the damage done is quite big indeed. Initiate it in your or your kid’s life quite early on in life.introducing ids to these concepts of living an organised life is absorbed as naturally as water to sponge…You need to put your inhibitions aside though.
  1. BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF SYNERGISTIC INPUTS FOR LARGER BENEFIT: One cannot “Be all and know all” but if you are part of right groups (plenty out there !!) and can entrust your needs to the right people / domain experts, you would have some breathing space for yourself and avoid everyday menial jobs to eat into your time. A very simple example could be outsourcing the regular days work of your child / household tasks while you supervise and do more skill based stuff on your own
  2. CREATING TIME ON OLD MINDSETS IS NOT POSSIBLE: How about rewriting your mental scripts / beliefs that support your goals of getting up early, being more planned, organised and sticking to schedules.
  • Remind yourself of big payoffs to such simple changes.
  • one master script that can support long time would be…”I WILL DO IT NOW OR IT WILL NEVER GET IT DONE.”

If these are too big and overwhelming changes for you, go slow but steady. Approach them one by one and take your time. Do not be flustered if you fail in first few times, isn’t it said…there are no free lunches in life!


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