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Stop Tempering With the Introvert Temperament of Your Child

Praggatti Rao March 26, 2018
With each of us getting used to so much of commotion, clatter and fracas around us in the form of opinions that abound, ringers that announce a text or just a plethora of forums voicing some or the other views every now and then, it is but obvious that we are conditioned to believe that all noise around speaking is good and the only way forward in today’s competitive times.
And while juggling around all these beliefs, when one is blessed with a child or a partner who is wired an introvert, the immediate response is to initiate actions to turn them around into a more vociferous ones, almost on a war footing!
“Introversion is a lack of confidence”
“Introverts are lacking the assertiveness”
“Introverts will be at a disadvantage in life if they don’t change”
“Others( extroverts) will manipulate them and get their way.”
….and blah blah blah!!!!

The ones above are all those beliefs that limit your perception of an intelligent, creative, empathetic, real and the most trusted individuals – ‘THE INTROVERTS’.

Of late the first thing a parent or a partner wants me to turn around through my scientific interventions is that they (kids/ adults alike) do not open up, are choosy with sharing and not participating enough on a day to day basis.
Ask any parent who have been to a Parent Teacher Meeting recently and they’ll vouch that its seems like an epidemic engulfing the majority and is being projected as if if their kids don’t make that noise around it all, they seem to be challenged. As a result, I write here today to highlight the often undervalued and ignored aspects of the ‘introverts’ that are worth their weight in gold.

Though my list of what defines them as being assets is huge yet I choose to bring out the five beautiful aspects for better appreciation

  1. INTROVERTS ARE CREATIVE AND INTELLIGENT: In my training, I have observed the kids/adults who speak less are definitely not the one who care less too. They are often the ones who come up with more relevant and out of box thought processes. They also are able to reproduce the content but only when asked and mostly not on their own. But as long as they are able to practically answer and use the content, what’s the big deal around asking or answering on their own. The yardstick needs to change keeping the uniqueness of individuals in mind.
  2. INTROVERTS ARE IN LOVE WITH SELF: Being in love with self has immense benefits and indicates an unshakable confidence in one’s abilities and choices. They comprehend their emotions and responses far more deeply than their chatter box counterparts.
  3. INTROVERTS ARE SENSITIVE, CARING AND CAN EFFORTLESSLY STEP INTO OTHERS SHOES: Being in love with self requires emotional depth and that’s exactly why an introvert silent presence is more comforting and the connect more deeper. Their knowledge of people is comparatively more intense and thorough and their abilities to give you complete attention is unmatched too.
  4. INTROVERTS ARE AUTHENTIC: Their ability to be what they are and to be more oriented towards the real than drama make them the most REAL people around. They may choose to change around you but their attention to no-nonsense conversations stays.
  5. INTROVERTS ARE MYSTERIOUS: They may not make the noise but they are very much there with their antennae tuned in to  every important piece of information around. Just a smile across the room or a quick friendly glimpse from a corner is enough to brighten them up.

I would any day choose loyalty, authenticity, empathetic listening over the noisy cacophony and hubbub. You hear another introvert there…You are mistaken my dear 🙂

My experience, exposure and education has made be an ambivert over time but isn’t it true that choices and flexibility only makes one more powerful.

So what do you think turning around an introvert or simply let them be? look forward to hear from you. Please share your opinion in comments.


  1. Anjali May 31, 2018

    I totally relate to this article!!My little wonder has most of these qualities…Her clarity in thoughts at such young age keeps amazing me all the time!!

    1. admin June 11, 2018

      So glad to Hear that Anjali! Good luck to the budding writer in your house:)

  2. Ritwika Roy Mutsuddi May 31, 2018

    Such a nice article Praggatti Rao. I can totally relate to it. My son is an introvert. When he was younger I used to worry, but as he grew up I realized that he is happy with his own set of friends, is confident, intelligent, capable of handling people.

    1. admin June 11, 2018

      Thanks for echoing similar thoughts Ritwika Roy Matsuddi 🙂

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