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Praggatti Rao May 10, 2018

While we bask in the glory of urbanization, with all modern amenities and lifestyle products making it all worth living, there are numerous aspects of life we cannot ignore and underestimate. Just to name the few:-

  • Hectic and stressful lifestyles have become the way of life and sadly with no immediate respite in sight;
  • Erratic eating habits are wreaking havoc on our biological markers and affecting our physiology adversely;
  • Food that is laden with pesticides and preservatives ;
  • Ever increasing levels of the pollution in the air, water and other basic necessities of life contributing big time to ill health and degenerative health issues;
  • Impaired & underperforming cognitive abilities like lack of well-being, stamina, inflexibility and immunity issues.

Despite raising it all on concerned platforms in the community and active brainstorming, there seems no way forward to break this debilitating cycle. The only sensible solution seems to go back in past and simplify lives but that’s not to be. But looking back into the rich heritage of Ayurveda and amalgamate the best of ancient traditions, nature and science is a proactive way ahead.

AMWAY-the leading direct selling FMCG company has made a smarter move ahead by bring together the best inputs from traditional Indian wisdom and modern research to offer a comprehensive range of NUTRICEUTICAL PRODUCT SUPPLEMENTS. The ‘Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range’ is a bundle of benefits for health and overall well -being and includes:

  1. NUTRILITE BRAHMI- Besides its cognition supporting effects, Brahmi is known to help in Mental agility, improving Attention, Alertness and concentration.

1 Brahmi Tablet = 5gm of raw Brahmi herb.

  1. NUTRILITE ASHWAGANDH – Ashwagandha is known to help in Vitality, Revitalizing, Stress, Nervous System & revitalizing the body

1 Ashwagandha tablet= 3 gm of raw Ashwagandha herb.

  1. NUTRILITE TULSI– As per available traditional literature and published research data, Tulsi is best known to support immunity, antioxidants and is a potent adaptogen.

1Tulsi tablet = over 100 dried leaves of Tulsi herb!!!

  1. NUTRILITE AMLAKI, VIBHITAKI & HARITAKI- These three herbal extracts are known to support digestion, has laxative properties, sooth hyperacidity, improves  apetite and detoxifies.                          1Tablet = 3gm of raw Amlaki, vibhitaki & Haritaki herbs.

The goodness of it all is available for just Rs649 (Tax inclusive) for each FSSAI approved variants in a packing of 60 tablets.

The worth a notice pointers that Amway brings on the table as part of #20yearsofcelebration include the following:

  • They grow, harvest and process the natural products on their own LEED GOLD certified manufacturing organic farms.
  • They employ DNA finger printing to identify the right species (it’s important to note that each herb has multiple species and not all measure up to the same potency) for the best possible efficacy.
  • They ensure the goodness of mother- nature in their product range with non GMO (genetically modified organisms) sources. This is their way of guarding the consumers against any health hazard.
  • The company believes in no ‘cutting the corners’ and uses only active biological components of plants because it is these unique & assured levels of active ingredients that materialise into promised health benefits.
  • I personally liked their ‘SEED TO SUPPLEMENT’ approach that involves the multilevel quality checks from the right farm to right plant part to right active ingredient to the right seeds to the right species to the right extraction to the right process and need I say the right product!!!

Wow! This is huge and I am sure even the grandmothers will go an extra mile to endorse this from their ancient wisdom.

In today’s era where customer is the king Amway has made transparency as a value add- by providing QR code on the product packaging that explains the’ SEED TO SUPPLEMENT journey’ of their manufacturing process highlighting alongside the three key pillars of Nutrilite Traditional Herbs which is Purity, Safety and Potency(PSP)

I must add that just as the best time to repair a roof is when the sun is shining bright and not when it is raining, similarly the best time to take supplements is when your health is doing fine and certainly not when the diseases strike!!!

The company has done its bit and it’s our turn now to explore and grab the magic of Indian Herbs captured by AMWAY




  1. Kameshwar May 14, 2018

    I’m very satisfied with Nutrilite Herbs Range..
    Marvelous results..
    Thnx Amway…
    Thnx Nutrilite…

  2. Kameshwar May 14, 2018

    I’m very satisfied with Nutrilite Herbs Range..
    Marvelous results..
    Thnx Amway…
    Thnx Nutrilite…

  3. Sangeeta May 16, 2018

    Beautifully written

    1. admin June 11, 2018

      Thanks @sangeeta..coming up with a series on elementary/ high school and senior school kids too:)

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